Latitude: 57° 26.48’ North
Longitude: 06° 35.45’ West


BerthMax. length (m)Max. draft (m) (mlws)Beam (m)Details
Pier (West side)82*(subject to fendering off)unrestrictedNo overnight berthing permitted
Pier (North side – Scrubbing Berth)12dryingunrestrictedMainly used for repairs and emergencies
Pier (South side)Unsuitable for berthing

Two all-round RED night-time navigation lights and flood light are located on pier.

*Vessels over 18 metres in length must contact the Pier Master or Estate Office in advance of arrival to arrange assistance with berthing and ropes.



A waste oil and oil filter disposal facility is located in main car park area.

Limited water supply.

No shore power available.

Main Dunvegan Pier berth (West side of the pier)

This is the main general-purpose berth. During the day it is in use by commercial vessels for fuelling, landing fish, loading salmon feed, taking on water and for storing fishing gear. Vessels are not permitted to lie alongside during the night unless prior permission has been obtained from the Pier Master or the Estate Office (contact details at the end of this page).

Scrubbing berth (North side of pier)

This drying berth is mainly used by vessel for repairs, maintenance and in the event of an emergency. Subject to approval by the Pier Master or the Estate Office vessels may lie alongside for one or more days.

Slipway (located adjacent to the scrubbing berth)

Drying slipway and restricted to use by small boats.


Visitor moorings are operated by Dunvegan Pier Moorings Association and can accommodate vessels up to a maximum of 15 metres LOA. Dues (£10) can be paid at the Dunvegan Hotel. 6 new swinging mooring are available. No prior reservation is required. For further information please see: www.lochdunveganmoorings.com

The Mooring Association Chairman is:
Mr Iain Houston
Tel.: 01470 521 533
E-mail: houston@benview.eu


Dunvegan village is a short walk from the pier, where you wil find taxi services, a local shop for provisions, a filling station for fuel and hotels, cafes and restaurants for eating out.

In the event that repairs are required to vessels, the Pier Master or the Estate Office can provide contacts details for local business that may be able to assist.


  • Fishing
  • Border Control and Customs
  • Fishery Protection
  • Leisure
  • Royal Navy
  • Log, salt and general cargo vessels


Vessels carrying hazardous cargoes must give twelve hours advance notice of arrival to the Pier Master. Diving around Dunvegan Pier is forbidden unless a permit is obtained from the MacLeod Estate Office.

Draft is limited at low water for large vessels. Please contact the Pier Master for further information and see below pier elevation diagram showing bedrock at 5m:


Please be aware that Dunvegan Pier is a commercial pier and as such there are regular vessel movements by commercial vessels and fishing boats. Fishing gear is stored on the pier and fork-lift trucks operate 7 days per week. Please be aware of the risks associated with these types of activities and with the unprotected edge on the pier on the Wesrt side. Please ensure you do not undertake any actions that can result in injury to yourself and any other persons using or visiting the pier.

The pier has two clearly identifiable lifebuoys with throw lines as well as two fire extinguishers (red box) and a comprehensive first aid kit (green box), all of which are clearly indefinable. In the event of use of these or damage detected to these please contact the Pier Master or the Estate Office immediately.


Pier Master
MacLeod Estate
Dunvegan House
Isle of Skye IV55 8WF
T: 01470 521206
M: 07984 421578
E: piermaster@dunvegancastle.com

During the tourist season (1 April to 30 September) the MacLeod Estate’s boatmen can also be contacted on VHF Ch 6 for advice on mooring and use of the Dunvegan Pier in the event the Pier Master is absent.


All users of the Dunvegan Pier do so at their own risk. The MacLeod Estate cannot be held liable for any form of direct or indirect loss or damage whatsoever arising from using the pier and its facilities and/or in respect of the information contained on this page. Information on this website is not to be used for navigational purposes. The Pier Master should always be contacted prior to any vessels approaching the Pier and up-to-date onboard charts must be used.