Free to visit at any time, the spectacular Fairy Pools are located near the village of Carbost in Glenbrittle on the Isle of Skye. Glenbrittle runs roughly south to north along the River Brittle and is overlooked by the Cuillin mountains. Many tributaries of the River Brittle run down from the Cuillin into the glen including a stream with waterfalls known as the Fairy Pools, a popular place for walkers. The Fairy Pools are beautiful rock pools of crystal clear spring water fed by a series of waterfalls.

Visitors can embark on the stunning 2.4km walk from the car park to the Fairy Pools via the gravel path bordered with grass, heather, peat and rocks up towards the largest waterfall, or walk further up the path and explore some of the smaller pools which lie ahead. The water of the Fairy Pools is crystal clear, perfect for any adventurous swimmers brave enough to enter the icy waters. It is advisable to bring a wetsuit for this activity as these beautiful rock pools can be bracing.

The Fairy Pools are becoming increasingly popular with walkers thanks to being featured as a must-see destination on TripAdvisor and other media outlets so when you make your visit, please be careful on the single-track roads, follow the parking notices, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and take your litter away with you. There is a WC at the nearby Glenbrittle Campsite & Cafe along with some great hot chocolate and speciality coffee served up by the baristas at the Cuillin Coffee Co.

N.B. The Fairy Pools carpark is owned by a separate community organisation called the Minginish Community Hall Association. The operation and maintenance of the Fairy Pools carpark has been leased to OATS and they set the parking charges: www.outdooraccesstrustforscotland.org.uk